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Higher education is experiencing significant transformation and challenges as online education is rising in its popularity and presence in universities’ curriculum. With the goal to foster international collaboration and online education, FUNiX Online Education, in collaboration with Gunma University (Japan) will co-organize the International Academic Conference to discuss opportunities and challenges for online education as well as how universities can leverage the online space for collaboration in academic activities. The Conference brings together university leaders, professors, and educators across different countries for keynote presentations and open discussions.


Universities worldwide have been implementing online teaching and learning for the majority of the past two years. Yet as educators gain more experience in this once novel area, questions remain as to how online education will innovate university teaching and learning in the coming years. What are the upcoming challenges and opportunities educators will face? How might educators leverage online platforms to collaborate beyond borders?

Opportunities and challenges for online education


Leveraging online platform for university collaboration


In this context, our conference chooses the topic “Innovation in higher education by leveraging online education” with three main sub-topics:

Innovative solutions for developing online education


A virtual networking session is also organized before the main program for educators to network and start informal discussions about the conference topic.

Time: 08:00 – 10:00, 14th October 2021 (GMT +7)
Note: A virtual networking program is opened 30 minutes prior to the main program.

8:00 – 8:05

8:05 – 8:25

8:25 – 8:55

Opening & Welcome

09:35 – 10:10

8:55 – 9:15

9:15 – 09:35

Professor Mari Tanaka, Vice President, Gunma University (Japan)

Keynote 1: Future of Higher education after COVID-19 pandemic

Opportunities and challenges for online education

Leveraging online platform for university collaboration

Prof. Ir. Dr. Jimmy Mok Vee Hoong, Pro Vice-Chancellor, UCSI University (Malaysia) 

Keynote 2: Future Learning – Digital Education

Innovative solutions for developing online education

Panel discussion

Launching of the Global Community for Online Educators 



  • Topic: The Educational Trifecta @CityU

Professor Sam Chung 
Dean, School of Technology and Computing, CityUniversity of Seattle (US)

  • Topic: Promoting interactive online education through experience-based learning platform 

Cuong Hoang 
Vice President (FUNiX Online Education)
Managing Director (FUNiX Japan) 

Dr. Chetneti Srisa-an, 
Vice President, Rangsit University

  • Topic: Applying Machine Learning and AI on Self Automated Personalized Online Learning
  • Topic: Future Learning – Digital Education

Prof. Ir. Dr. Jimmy Mok Vee Hoong, 
Pro Vice-Chancellor, UCSI University (Malaysia)

  • Topic: Future of higher education after Covid-19 pandemic

Professor Mari Tanaka 
Vice President, Gunma University

  • Topic: Experiences of delivering online programs at University of Wollongong (Australia) 

Nikki Cole
ELICOS Program Manager
UOW College Australia


Gunma University (Japan) 

Gunma University is a national university in Japan. As a “knowledge hub”, Gunma University aims to be a university that can play an active role with a global perspective while serving as a foundation for local communities. With this mission, Gunma University has been very active in promoting internationalization and leveraging online platforms for international collaborative programs.

FUNiX Online Education

FUNiX is an online education system established by FPT Group – the leading IT company in Vietnam. FUNiX offers courses100% online, mainly in the IT field. The key features of FUNiX programs are mentoring system (integrated to the learning platform), personal learning advisors and community connection. Students of FUNiX enjoy a vibrant learning community in the cloud where they can interact with their peers and mentors from the industry as well as personalize their learning journey. 

Smart campus to campus (SCC)

Smart campus to campus is an initiative from Gunma University & FUNiX to build an alliance of active universities in online education. Member universities can share the learning materials, build online courses on the FUNiX platform so that their students can easily study courses provided by different universities in one consistent learning environment. Through the FUNiX platform, member universities can also develop joint degree programs to combine the best advantages of each institution.


Academic Conference | October 14, 2021


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