Why Study Automotive?


The automotive sector in Japan is the third-largest automotive producing industry in the world, in 22 prefectures and employing over 5.5 million people, it is a major pillar of the country’s economy


(incl. taxes)



Covering the essentials for learners to become an Automotive Application Developer by the end of the program

Designed by the top automotive team from FPT Software - a leading ICT company in Vietnam

Highly practical program with 70% lab and project time

Can be completed in 30 weeks (2-3 hours of study/day) or shorter depending on learner’s preference and abilities

Capstone Project involving working on software development process in a car

1:1 live coaching and unlimited Q&A sessions with industry mentors

Advising on building effective study plans and habits

Weekly xTalk with experts and managers on hottest topics of technology & industry

Post-program career coaching

Who is This Program For?

The Automotive Program is suitable for those who have some programming skills and want to work on software projects in cars.

Entry Requirements:


Fundamental programming skills in any language: Understand and use the concepts of variables, iterations, branches, functions; write programs that take input from the keyboard, process the logic of the problem, and display results on the screen

Fundamental database skills: Write SQL commands to access databases


Programming skills in one of the languages such as C, Java, PhP, Javascript is highly recommended.

What You Will Learn...

10 week to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION In addition to the functions, the beautiful and convenient user interface is an important factor in the software...
150 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION This final course of the program can provide you with a full project of an automotive application in...
15 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION The course provides an overview of the industry and components in automotive systems; an overview of software development...
45 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Object Oriented Programming is one of the programming methods that most programmers must know and use well. This...
45 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION C++ programming language is in great demand, for example, in embedded programming, automotive programming, smart factory programming, or...

5 courses

62 hours of on-demand video lectures

227 hours of labs/exercise and projects/assignments

21.5 hours of reading content

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    Voice of Learners and Partners

    “I researched on the internet and found that the FUNiX training method was quite suitable for those who are both working and studying at the same time like me. I have a little knowledge about C++, so I decided to choose the Automotive certification program. The biggest difficulty is still self-study. There is a lot of new knowledge that requires me to explore and practice a lot. The FUNiX learning environment is friendly and welcoming. Mentor and Hannah - my student success advisor gave me very warm support. There are many times I got bored, but thanks to the encouragement of mentors and Hannah, especially Hannah Oanh, I tried to continue. If it weren't for her encouragement and support, I would have given up a long time ago.”
    xTer of Automotive Program Atomic Electrical Engineering Graduate, Intern of FPT Global Automotive
    “Carmakers' success can only come from software applications. Parts like mechanics are difficult to make a difference. Therefore, major car manufacturers are upgrading their development in this direction. It is forecasted that entertainment systems for front seats, rear seats and security equipment will be equipped for all car models in the future. This leads to the huge demand for human resources in the Automotive segment. In Vietnam, FGA's Manpower Demand increases by an average of 30% per year, estimated at more than 900 engineers by 2021.”
    Mr. Ta Tran Minh Director of FPT Global Automotive