Citizen 5.0

Why Study Citizen 5.0?

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs
Citizens in Society 5.0 should develop the skills to create platforms that connect technological innovations to societal issues (MEXT, 2018), and the way to start is to develop the most essential IT and communication skills for Society 5.0.
As one of the most widely used languages worldwide, English allows you to access the latest trends in any field.

Citizen 5.0

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Preparing learners with the most essential skills Society 5.0

Personalized study schedule depending on learner’s preference and abilities. Recommended study commitment: 2 hours/day

Learner-friendly--everyone can study even without IT background

1:1 live coaching and unlimited Q&A sessions with English mentors

Advising on building effective study plans and habits

Weekly xTalk with experts and managers on hottest topics of technology & the skills for Citizen 5.0

Post-program career coaching

Who is This Program For?

The Citizen 5.0 welcomes everyone regardless of your background in the field of IT. As long as you have an interest in exploring the tech world and developing essential skills for the digital world, you are welcome to register!

What You Will Learn...

The Digital Citizen 5.0 Program includes 4 courses:

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Building Your First Website
  • Language of the Future – You may choose JavaScript Programming or Python Programming 
  • English Course – Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels


Citizen 5.0
60 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION The aim of the course is to enable you to study, understand and demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary and...
Citizen 5.0
54 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION The course is built for those who have no previous programming background and experience. The theory and exercises...
Citizen 5.0
54 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION In previous courses, you were introduced from basic computer skills to how to build a simple website using...
Citizen 5.0
45 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Through this course, we will help you set the first step into the world of programming. Although this...
Citizen 5.0
55 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Introduction to Computer Science” is considered the gateway and the first step to bring you to the vast...

5 courses

60 hours of on-demand video lectures

110 hours of labs/exercise and projects/assignments

52 hours of reading content

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