Data Science

Why Study Data Science?


Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century (Harvard Business Review)


Data is the new oil of the digital economy. Whoever has more data has the better competitive advantage.


Data science is widely used in all fields of society. Personnels with knowledge of Data Science are sought after with a high income.

Data Science

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Covering the essentials for learners to become Data Scientists or Data Analysts by the end of the program

Highly practical with 70% of time for lab and projects

Capstone Project involving the application of Data science to solve a problem companies are facing

Courses can be completed in 30 weeks (2-3 hours of study/day) or shorter depending on learner’s preference and abilities

Learner-friendly--everyone can study even without IT background

1:1 live coaching and unlimited Q&A sessions with industry mentors

Advising on building effective study plans and habits

Weekly xTalk with experts and managers on hottest topics of technology & industry

Post-program career coaching

Internship and employment referrals

Who is This Program For?

The Data Science Program is suitable for everyone who wants to learn and work with data, especially for the following:

Those who major in IT/applied mathematics have basic programming knowledge.

Those who major in economics or natural sciences with a background in math, statistics and probability.

IT engineers who want to change careers

Professionals working in the fields of economics, banking, fintech who wish to work further on data.

Anyone can learn Data Science. Those who have the following backgrounds will have an advantage at starting:

Required: Python programming, SQL database, probability and statistics

Recommended: Linear algebra, analytics, data structures and algorithms, object oriented programming

What You Will Learn...

Data Science
84 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION In this final project you will have a chance to engage in a real-world project and experience first-hand...
Data Science
110 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Deep learning can be considered as a subset of machine learning which improves on its own by examining...
Data Science
59 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and...
Data Science
88 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION A lot of data in the world today is stored in databases. Knowledge of databases and SQL language...
Data Science
67 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces learners to the basics of data science, including what data science is, topics and algorithms...

5 courses

60.5 hours of on-demand video lectures

169 hours of labs/exercise and projects/assignments

21 hours of reading content

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    Voice of Learners and Partners

    I’ve never learnt Data Science, so I was concerned about my learning and worried about self-management. But Hannah always helped me, for example when I had difficulty with learning, she advised me to ask mentors and take notes. It is a very good system for learning at FUNiX.
    xTer in Introduction to Data Science Course International Social Sciences Student of Gakushuin University
    I feel my skills and understanding of Data Science and listening to English improve day by day.
    xTer in Introduction to Data Science Course Chemical Engineering Student of Shibaura Institute of Technology Japan