[Webinar] Marketing in the Digital Age

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15:00 - 16:00 Aug 04, 2021
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Under the long-term influence of the new coronavirus, we have witnessed that digital channels have become central to all customer interactions and have rapidly become commonplace. did. In order for a company to gain a competitive advantage, survive and grow in such an era, it is not enough to simply build customer contact points on digital channels, but it is required to provide the best “customer experience”.

On the other hand, although we understand the importance of “customer experience,” there is data that we are struggling to realize and enjoy the results. In order to realize the “customer experience”, it is necessary to select and utilize an appropriate foundation, and the “customer experience” is from the perspective and design of staying close to the customer for a long period of time and quickly responding to issues and needs. Isn’t it caused? We think.

In this webinar, we invite Sitecore, who has a lot of achievements and various solutions necessary to realize an excellent customer experience, as a guest speaker to learn how the Sitecore platform realizes the best customer experience. I would like to introduce you. In addition, we will introduce a solution menu to survive the era of increasing uncertainty by utilizing the Sitecore platform.

We hope that this seminar will provide you with new perspectives and awareness that will be useful to your business.

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