[Webinar] SAP & Low code In DX

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The protracted effects of the new coronavirus have made the world more volatile, more uncertain, and many companies at stake.

To overcome this situation, “DX (Digital Transformation)” is getting more attention.

However, DX is not just a magical drug that can solve all the problems of a company by simply digitizing it.

It needs to be reviewed and transformed in light of changes in existing business models, systems, organizations and consumer behavior.

In other words, the systems that underpin the enterprise need to be restructured to adapt to new business processes and new consumer behavior.

In this webinar, we will focus on SAP, which is used by many companies, and provide effective solutions to issues in the migration, operation, and usage processes of SAP systems, as well as end-user perspectives and SAP peripheral application development methods. I will introduce including.

Please take this opportunity to join us.

Click here for detail agenda.

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