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10:00 - 11:00 Mar 21, 2021
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10:00 AM (GMT+9), Mar 22, THE FIRST JAPANESE TECH COURSE of FUNiX named “International Tech Cruise” started with the participant of students from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.


The opening ceremony welcomed the presence of Mr. Ryosuke Semba and Ms. Reina Nishioka from International Programs Initiatives Section, Division of Global Initiatives of Shibaura Institute of Technology; Mr. Hoang Van Cuong – Director of FUNiX Japan, Mrs. Le Minh Duc – Managing Director of FUNiX.

Participating in the Tech Cruise program, each learner is awarded with an exclusive DIGITAL PASSPORT issued by FUNiX Japan. The Digital Passport will mark important milestones on learners’ journey. FUNiX Digital Passport is an idea inspired by national passport, which people must always bring along on international trips. At FUNiX Japan, every time learners conquer a challenge, such as finishing each learning module, attending an xTalk event, or become the first one to finish the course, they will receive a stamp on their passport (photo). These passport stamps will be the testament to exciting challenges that learners have overcome.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Hoang Van Cuong – Director of FUNiX Japan stressed: “Student will learn not just only the latest updated knowledge of Data Science and IoT but will also transform themselves to be an active learner, to be a creator of technology and to be a global citizen.”Sugano Ryusei, Information Science student from SIT, expressed his expectation to use Data Science in understanding apps users, thereby making better apps in the future.

At the event, Mr. Semba from SIT said to his students: “The content of the course you are taking is related to Data Science and IoT, which is a necessary skill regardless of your field. Taking the FUNiX programs in addition to your university classes is very challenging”. However, he also believed that if students could follow the curriculum provided by FUNiX and successfully complete the program, the knowledge, skills and experiences gained from Tech Cruise will be very helpful for their future.

INTERNATIONAL TECH CRUISE is an initiative of FUNiX Japan to equip Japanese younger with the latest tech skills to thrive in Society 5.0. Taking the idea of a cruise where all members aboard go on a journey and have eye-opening experiences, FUNiX looks to bring about an innovative way of learning and positive transformation for our students – from passive to active learning, from local to global mindset, and from user to creator of technology. Learning technology will get learners ready to adapt to any changes in the future – not only in our personal lives’ aspects like social media or services, but also in our work in any fields ranging from technology and medical to business and education.The International Tech Cruise program will last for 6 weeks, from March 22nd to May 02nd, 2021.
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