Language of the Future

Why Study Language of the Future?


“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think`` (Steve Jobs 1995:)


Coding opens doors to opportunities in the same way a language opens doors to other cultures and people


Programming transforms us from technology consumers to technology creators


(incl. taxes)



Diverse options of the most popular programming languages

Learner-friendly--everyone can study programming even without any IT background

Provide the foundation for further studies on technology

Highly practical with 70% of time for lab and projects

1:1 live coaching and unlimited Q&A sessions with industry mentors

Advising on building effective study plans and habits

Weekly xTalk with experts and managers on hottest topics of technology & industry

Post-program career coaching

Internship and employment referrals

Who is This Program For?

As Steve Jobs said, everyone should learn to code. Knowing how to use at least one programming language is as meaningful as knowing how to use a foreign language.

You can learn to code at any age, from elementary school students to retired people. Thanks to basic programming skills, you can write the first programs and applications for your own study, entertainment and work. Above all, it also gives you the confidence to master all the new technologies in the future.

What You Will Learn...

Language of the Future
45 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Course Titles: UI Design Basics Course Code: UI101x Estimated Course Duration: 45 hours LEARNING OUTCOMES Understanding the concept...
Language of the Future
57 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Course Titles: Building your first Website Course Code: Web101x Estimated Course Duration: 56,31 hours LEARNING OUTCOMES Build a...
Language of the Future
54 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION To build an interactive website, you need to go from HTML and CSS to Javascript. These are the...
Language of the Future
77 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION The goal of the course is to help learners understand the Java programming language and object-oriented programming so...
Language of the Future
66 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION C# programming language is among the most popular programming languages nowadays. Mastering the C # programming language, you...
Language of the Future
45 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION C++ programming language is in great demand, for example, in embedded programming, automotive programming, smart factory programming, or...
Language of the Future
65 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION According to the latest TIOBE index, Python has historically gained the most popularity four times in a row....

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    Voice of Learners & Partners

    Traditional chalk & talk teaching approach is no longer satisfactory to the quick and huge changes of Industry 4.0. Only online teaching and learning itself or at least teaching and learning supported by online platforms can. Very positive feedback from our students who were offered FUNiX’s C++ Basic and Advanced Programming courses have affirmed the quality of the training program of FUNiX.
    Language of the Future
    Professor Do Van Dung President of University of Technology and Education Ho Chi Minh City
    “Mentors responded to my questions very quickly. I was also impressed with extracurricular activities like FUNiX's xTour. It gave me a first-hand look at the actual work environment of a Blockchain facility. My student success advisor keeps track of my progress and reminds me quite promptly because sometimes I tend to slow down. Sometimes I had so much work that I almost forgot about the required progress at FUNiX, luckily my student success advisor was there to keep me in check.”
    Language of the Future
    xTer of Blockchain Program Student of FPT University and Full Stack Developer of FPT Software