Machine Learning

Why Study Machine Learning?


Machine Learning is one of the ways to achieve AI - a core technology for Society 5.0 (Towards AI & Cabinet Office)


Machine Learning have wide applications in society - medicare, consumer demands, automation, robotization, services


The industry expects a shortage of 120,000 AI business experts by 2030 (METI)


(incl. taxes)



Covering the essentials for learners to work on Machine Learning and AI projects at IT companies by the end of the program

Widely beneficial to professionals in multiple fields from IT to Economics, Banking and Fintech

Highly practical program with 70% lab and project time

Can be completed in 30 weeks (2-3 hours of study/day) or shorter depending on learner’s preference and abilities

Capstone Project involving the application of Machine Learning to solve a problem companies are facing

1:1 live coaching and unlimited Q&A sessions with industry mentors

Advising on building effective study plans and habits

Weekly xTalk with experts and managers on hottest topics of technology & industry

Post-program career coaching

Internship and employment referrals

Who is This Program For?

The Machine Learning (ML) Program is suitable for everyone who wants to learn and work in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and wants to become an ML/AI Engineer, especially for:

Those majoring in IT or applied mathematics with basic programming knowledge

Those majoring in economics or natural sciences, have a background in math, statistics and probability and want to become an ML/AI engineer

IT engineers who want to change careers

Experts working in the fields of economics, banking, fintech who have the desire to create models of prediction and analysis based on data

Entry Requirements:

Prior to starting the Machine Learning Program, learners should know the following:

Required: Python programming, data structures and algorithms, statistical probability, discrete math

Recommended: Linear algebra, calculus, SQL database, object oriented programming

What You Will Learn...

Machine Learning
110 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Deep learning can be considered as a subset of machine learning which improves on its own by examining...
Machine Learning
41 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Within Machine Learning problems, those of unsupervised learning such as Clustering and Retrieval remain the hardest to resolve...
Machine Learning
59 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Machine Learning Classification is one of the most popular research areas in the machine learning field. In this...
Machine Learning
43 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Regression is a large subset of Machine Learning problems that involves predicting a numerical value using known variables...
Machine Learning
55 hour to complete
COURSE DESCRIPTION Machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows machines to automatically learn and improve without...

5 courses

96 hours of on-demand video lectures

190+ hours of labs/exercise and projects/assignments

14.5 hours of reading content

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    Voice of Learners & Partners

    “Only at FUNiX did I see a clear roadmap to work in AI. My previous knowledge is quite fragmented and shallow. After the course, I understood much better about Machine Learning algorithms. I also practiced with real projects, worked and exchanged with experienced mentors and developed effective self-study skills. Thanks to the encouragement of my student success advisor and others, I studied a little bit everyday and finally made it to the end. During my capstone project, I had to stay up overnight for two or three days to monitor my product. Sleep-deprived, but the passion and feeling of conquering knowledge and completing the program excited me. The mentors showed me many things that in the working world not a lot of people would, such as work advice and techniques to handle technical problems in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I am particularly impressed with mentor Hai Nam and mentor Quy. Mentor Quy is always meticulous and seems to know what I’m not understanding, then step by step encourages me to speak out and explains to me carefully. Mentor Nam works closely with me, always sets strict requirements and demands, thereby making me study thoroughly each issue. He helps me have a vision of work performance and form a scientific and detail-oriented way of working.”
    Machine Learning
    xTer of Machine Learning Program Student of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology