People talking about us

Mr Dzung
Traditional chalk & talk teaching approach is no longer satisfactory to the quick and huge changes of Industry 4.0. Only online teaching and learning itself or at least teaching and learning supported by online platforms can. Very positive feedback from our students who were offered FUNiX’s C++ Basic and Advanced Programming courses have affirmed the quality of the training program of FUNiX.
Professor Do Van Dzung President of University of Technology and Education Ho Chi Minh City
Professor Tsuda Daisuke Vide Director of Global Education Center, Shinshu University
We at Gunma University would like to form and develop a new type of international education, which we name it as “Smart Campus-to-Campus” where we can share our educational and research resources among our partner universities online. I believe FUNiX would be a basis for our Smart Campus-to-Campus, and it would be a great online learning platform.
Professor Ochi Takako International Exchange Coordinator - Gunma University International Centre
FUNiX is Vietnam's first online university and has an agreement with FPT Software on this strong partnership. FUNiX provides education which is now a very effective tool of teaching and learning especially during Coronavirus pandemic. We are very excited to have FUNiX as an active member of GTI Consortium.
Professor Masato Murakami President, Shibaura Institute of Technology - Chairman of Global Initiative Technology Consortium
デジタル化により、弊社が取り扱う紙製品の需要は年々減ってきております。現在、IT 技術の発展が社会を大きく変化させてきたことを改めて実感致します。貴社はベトナム初のオンライン大学として設立され、ベトナムの IT 人材の育成を着実に支. 今後弊社も何らかの形で貴社の日本市場進出のお手伝いができたらと思います。
Mr .Kimura Tadashi General Manager, Overseas Department - Shinsei Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.
I feel very motivated when my Hannah asks me about what I learnt and if I could share it. I was really happy to see her reaction and how she shows interest in what I’ve learnt. That’s something we don’t usually experience at university--sharing my knowledge with others. I think that’s one of the big benefits of the FUNiX program.
Shoya Hasebe Enrolled in Introduction to Data Science Course, Student of Gakushuin University
I feel my skills and understanding of Data Science and listening to English improve day by day.
Hakoshima Saki Enrolled in Introduction to Data Science Course, Student of SIT
I’ve never learnt Data Science, so I was concerned about my learning and worried about self-management. But Hannah always helped me, for example when I had difficulty with learning, she advised me to ask mentors and take notes. It is a very good system for learning at FUNiX.
Sumine Cho Enrolled in Introduction to Data Science Course, Student of Gakushuin University