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Smart Campus-to-Campus (SCC) Innitiatives

What is
Smart Campus-to-Campus?

SCC is an Online Global Campus with the participation of strategic partner universities around the world. Using FUNiX LMS, each SCC member can upload courses and share the courses among the members. The SCC aims to enhance virtual exchange and strengthen educational and research collaboration among the members.

The Main Activities of SCC

Sharing Online Courses

Joint/Dual Degree Programmes (graduate level)

Research Collaboration

Sharing Online Courses

The SCC partner students can take any courses as their own courses (no tuition fees) and earn credits.

  • The SCC partners can provide any online courses by uploading the course materials and providing mentoring support through the online system of FUNiX.
  • The SCC partners share online course lists, syllabus, criteria for evaluation and credit recognition, transcripts of students, etc…

Students outside of the SCC partner universities will have to pay tuition fees to take the courses. The revenue generated from the program will be transferred to the host institution that contributes to the courses.

Joint/Dual Degree Programmes (graduate level)

  • 2 (Masters) + 3 (Ph.D) dual degree programme
  • Environmental Infrastructure Engineering field
  • No tuition fees
  • Scholarships for both students
  • Using online courses provided by FUNiX

Joint supervision of the thesis jointly offered by Deakin University and Gunma University – “Future Infrastructure”

Research Collaboration

Sharing research units with the SCC partners.

SCC Platform

1. FUNiX platform allows SCC members to

Course Homepage

Customized Course Dashboard

Course Dashboard

Course Detail Page

Quit Tab

Progress Page

  • Upload unlimited instructing materials including videos, slides, and quizzes on the user-friendly system with detailed guidance from the technical team
  • Customize brand recognition
  • Get access to learner analytical reports

2. Platform’s Outstanding Features

FUNiX platform provides special QA (Question-Answer) functionality, in which:

Ask Mentor Box in LMS

MMS Dashboard

QA session tracking on MMS

  • Students can connect and ask mentors instantly right on the LMS system
  • Administrators can track data related to online students and mentors, record the number of QA, QA session rating, and history of QA on the Mentor management system (MMS)

Smart Campus-to-Campus (SCC) Committee Members

Gunma University


  • Mari Tanaka – Professor, Vice President
  • Takako Ochi – Associate Professor (International Exchange Coordinator)
  • Yoshihiro Ikemori – International Office



  • Nguyen Thanh Nam – President
  • Hoang Van Cuong – Vice President, Managing Director of FUNiX Global
  • Quach Ngoc Xuan – Chief Technology Officer
  • Be Thi Ngoc Quyen – Business Development Manager

Member Policy



  • Offer all available courses contributed by SCC members to students at tuition-waived (Number of students to be confirmed to SCC Committee)
  • Receive information on various seminars, workshops hosted by SCC members
  • Use FUNiX platform to upload courses content



  • Invite professors to review courses’ content
  • Participate in monthly committee meeting

Contact Information

Takako Ochi 

The Special Assistance to the President (Global Affairs) Gunma University 

Managing Director, FUNiX Global

Cuong Hoang (Chris)

FUNiX, Executive Vice President